New EP “Amorologia” by Ana Mancebo

What brings me excitement when it comes to covering new music is coming across what I call a “true” artist. Not someone who lets the beat do all the work as they mumble their lyrics throughout the song. But someone who puts 100% of their heart into their music. I am convinced that this is the case with Ana Mancebo. If her previous singles didn’t prove it to me, the New EP, Amorologia, from the Miami based artist is more than enough evidence.

If you were to ask me what is one thing that stands out about Ana Mancebo, I’d say her delivery while performing Spanish lyrics. She has a distinct accent which is common amongst Spanish speakers from Spain. In my opinion, it allows her to stand out from other Latin artists that I listen to. Though all Spanish accents differ, the accent from Spain carries a lisp, or ceceo, which is unique. It screams authenticity and blends perfectly into Ana Mancebo’s music. This is something I’ve noticed since Cumple, a single released almost a year ago which was my introduction to Ana Mancebo. Now, she has gifted us with new music with the release of Amorologia.

Loaded with five new songs, the new EP, Amorologia, is short and sweet. Starting with tentacion, the first track of the EP, Ana Mancebo gives us a sentimental and romantic Latin R&B song. The song reminisces about her first love who was not intentional about his feelings as she was. The next track, 53xo, is seduction in the form of song. “Tengo sed de ti” are the first lyrics that get the song started which translates to “I thirst for you.” The song continues with that energy and similar lyrics. I won’t give you all the lyrics because you must hear it for yourself.

The thing I found a bit amusing is that after listening 53xo and its first lyrics, the next song is titled sed de ti. However, in the transition between the two tracks, Ana Mancebo shed any bashfulness or reservation left and went forward with bold energy.

I know you obsessed with me, Es tan obvio
Todos saben que hay aqui, No seas timido

Esto que yo tengo aqui es un tsunami
Vente pa’ surfearte estas olas

Once we get to the fourth track, it seems Ana Mancebo has had enough. The vibe changes, with the four-track titled mal de amor, from approaching a romantic interest to pushing someone away. “Amor, always stay lying to me. Un favor, back the fuck away from me. Y lo que mas me jode es que ahora entiendo por que. Tengo un mal de amor…” I didn’t know how much I liked that song until I broke down the lyrics. Long story, but I can relate.

From my first listen to the EP, solo mia, the fifth and final track of the EP has been my favorite. It may be the vibe of the song once the beat drops, the upbeat and consistent temp from beginning to end of the song, or the hook. However, from the first hook to the first full verse that follows, it feels Ana Mancebo gives us a nice rapero flow mixed with R&B that showcased uber versatility. I know other tracks have their shine and I recommend them all, but this is the song that I skip to from the moment I turn on the car radio and it’s ready to go.

Be sure to check out Amorologia on Apple Music and Spotify. For more information about Ana Mancebo, follow her on Instagram, Youtube, and TikTok.