3MMR: EPISODE 17 – “Harder” by Jersey Williamz

Bird City, it’s another Wednesday and I’m back with an more rising Arizona talent. This week, the featured artist is Jersey Williamz and his honest track, “Harder (real remix).”

From the jump, the piano keys lends a sober tone to Jersey giving his honest truth on the hook, “I don’t got nothing else to say, I remember days where I was broke, I was in a phase/ I don’t fuck with lames, I cut the rope, what else can I say/ I remember days where I aint have nowhere to stay/” Based on Jersey’s “Hoe Shit” video on his youtube page, Jersey is a younger artist, which really helps me appreciate how honest this track is. Jersey spills his soul with lines like “Nobody helped me when I needed money/My Momma keep tellin’ me nobody got me/” Jersey displays an honesty in his music years ahead of his time.  This somber, but brutally honest reflection is his music is Jersey’s biggest strength, and I hope that he continues this pattern moving forward in his career.

Unfortunately, Jersey’s delivery leaves a lot to be desired. Jersey’s flow is often sped up against the tempo and has him running his lines together to make them all fit. Around 1:18 on “Harder” Jersey goes almost inaudible where he starts a line saying “Can’t take a piss with these fuck niggas watching/ murderous….?/” I listened to the song more than 23 times, and couldn’t figure out for the life of me what he was trying to say here. Jersey needs to focus his craft and deliver lines clearly regardless of the style that he’s going for. Jersey suffers from a clear path for his music. Taking time to plan the music and the lyrics carefully would allow Jersey to flourish as he clearly is comfortable giving away parts of his life. On the track “Closer” from his “From Noodes The Mixtape” release, Jersey talks in detail about a relationship that went bad providing some very honest details. This is Jersey’s strong suit and as he learns to combine that with meaningful lyrics, he will skyrocket.

Jersey has a sincere story telling ability which separates him from many other artists. Jersey has formed a distinct style with a bit of word slurring, and off timing, which, with a little time and refinement, could put him into a higher class of emcees. Jersey’s subject matter is still that of a developing emcee, mostly references to girls and hollow lines about struggling and coming up. His “From Noodles The Mixtape” proves that he is adept at telling stories with energy as seen on the stand out track “6IXTEEN” featuring MGF (Major Got Fans). Jersey’s track “Harder” receives as 6 out of 10 this week, as it misses the mark in lyricism and originality, but scores a win in overall sound quality.

Hope you’ve enjoyed this week’s review and I’ll catch you next week with more dope AZ Hiphop! Peace!

Written by Bo | Follow Bo on IG and Twitter!