3MMR: EPISODE 20 – “Wit Tha Gang” by Major X ft. Jersey Williamz

“I was 15 when I first caught a case/ I was 16 when I tatted my face”.  What’s good BirdCity, these are some of the real-life bars from this week’s feature artist Major X and his posse anthem, “With Tha Gang”.

“Wit Tha Gang” features a trap-style beat with a heavy 808, highlighted with repeated drum snares. Major X kicks the song off with the aggressive and well structed hook:

“Nigga with the gang, but that don’t mean a thing/
“Talkin shit/ nigga want them hands, I’m guessin that we gone see/
On my momma/ fuck with me, then you gotta pay a fee/
On my momma/ fuck with me that shit a pussy what I see/
Come from nothing/ You can’t tell me nothing/ Niggas this is me
Drop an 8/ Now I’m feeling dizzy, is it the codeine?/
I was young when I hit those licks/ I swear that shit gets deep
Where I’m from/ Just cause you a bitch you can’t get shit from me/”

Major X and his partner, Jersey Williamz (who has also been featured as a 3MMR artist: see Episode 17), have a great chemistry with both rappers riding the beat very well throughout the song. Lyrically, both rappers shine a little light on their real lives with Major rapping “I’m a young nigga, I’m live from the gutter/ I can really tell you ‘bout having nothing/”. Jersey follows this up with a few slick lines of his own, “Niggas say they gone kill me, cause I’m give em L’s like they straight they straight out of Philly” and “The money I spend come with blue holograms/”. Major and Jersey both are young rappers who clearly have a gift for coming up with honest and catchy lines and there was no shortage here.

Creatively, the joint from these two young emcees lacks substance and originality. As can be expected with younger rappers, played out, repetitive themes such as “dropping an 8”, a codeine reference, being strapped, and getting money are at the forefront. This is a bit disappointing as both rappers have talent from a lyrical and delivery standpoint. The lack of experience leaves the music a bit hollow, even for a hype club-type track.  This song, which has a strong 8600 hundred plays on Soundcloud, has Major X and Jersey Williamz showing a faster delivery, increasing the pace of an already hype track. The beat and flows volumes are well balanced, and the song is delivered with minimal adlibs and no autotune. The simple sound and accurate delivery throughout most of the song helps deliver the song’s vibe. This week earns Major X an 8 out of 10for this week’s spot. Same time and place next week for more Arizona Hip-Hop gems. Peace and love, your boy, Bo!

Written by Bo | Follow Bo on IG and Twitter!