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Deshaun Watson Punished: Is 11 Games, $5 Million Enough?

Did the NFL do enough with the 11 game suspension, $5 million fine it just recently announced? There’s people on both sides of the fence. Many say it was not enough being that Watson was […]

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Meet Colin Kaepernick: GQ Citizen of the Year

Being from Phoenix, I’ve always been an avid Arizona Cardinals fan. I still ride hard for them to this day, although this doesn’t appear to be our year. As a Cardinals fan, I used to strongly despise Colin Kaepernick. He began his career OWNING us, going 3-0 against the Cardinals until we fought back to close the gap (he’s currently 4-3 in his career vs. AZ). 



In another slow start in a season full of expectations for the Arizona Cardinals (4-4) they face a steep test to start the second half of the season, as known rivals the Seattle Seahawks (5-3) make their annual trip to the desert. These teams always play each other close since 2013 with the road team winning 75% of the time.

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Vin Scully: Supports the Military. What about Police Brutality?

Why would Vin Scully make a statement that seems to put the NFL Players’ Protest and the Military against each other? I know, this is not the first time a person has done this during this protest which started with Colin Kaepernick during last year’s NFL season. However, it’s ridiculous for a person with his reputation to make such a statement. Vin Scully has spent years building the type of reputation that could have unanimously been deemed immaculate up to this point. I mean, look at how he was received by the crowd during Game 2 of the 2017 World Series.