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3MMR: Episode 40 – “Do U Wanna” by Noah Wright

What’s good out there, Bird City!? It’s your boy, Bo, back with another sound bomb for your listening pleasure! We’re kicking off Week 40 with a review with the talented Noah Wright. His sex fueled hit, “Do U Wanna?”, finds Noah smoothly rhyming over a relaxed and mostly simple beat. The video, directed by the talented Tony Kure, is highly sexual and really catches the mood and vibe of the song, including some ill-advised pornographic moaning at the end of the video. Continue reading 3MMR: Episode 40 – “Do U Wanna” by Noah Wright


3MMR: Episode 39 – “Destiny” by B$tone ft. Savannah Justice & David James

Bird City, what’s happening’!? Cooler weather has finally arrived and with it comes more Arizona bangers from the three-minute music review! This week we bring some reggae vibes in the form of “Destiny” from B$tone of EpodTribe, featuring the beautiful pipes of Savanah Justice on the hook, and a dope island inspired verse from David James. What strikes the ear immediately about “Destiny” is how bright the sonic palate is. The high organ keys compliment the verse from David James, and provide a nice contrast to the darker sound of B$tone’s verse. A really enjoyable aspect of this song (aside from the good verses and solid production) is the message of controlling your destiny and not being held down.

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3MMR: Episode 36 – “IDC” by Gem

Bird City, let’s get it!! Another week, another firebomb of hip-hop coming through your speakers. This week we have an artist who has easily become among my favorites coming out of the Phoenix Metro area. This week’s feature is the punky proclamation from, GEM, titled “IDC”. This song puts a smile on your face with its feel-good pop beat, and Gem slam dunks with her mix of sing/rap melodies, while sliding some good bars as well. The accompanying video for the song is fun as much fun as the song is, with Gem talking her shit on the couch, in the fountain, and at the skate park. Continue reading 3MMR: Episode 36 – “IDC” by Gem

3MMR: Episode 35 – “Block Party” by Chalease

What’s good my Bird City residents!? It’s your main man, Bo, and we’re back with another fire joint here to wrap up the summer. Sorry to take a week off on you, but I’m back and this week’s vibe is presented by Alaska transplant, Chalease, and her 90’s throwback, “Block Party” featuring Fuego Bentley & Sydni Madison.

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