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3MMR: Episode 33 – “Ice” by Dirty K

 Valley of the Sun, what’s good! It’s that time again, so sit back, relax and let get into this week’s review! This week’s featured artist is Dirty K and his smooth delivery of frozen water on, “ICE”. Dirty K, is a young emcee, and graduate of Hamilton High, repping Chandler, Arizona. From the first note, Dirty K’s sound is smooth over a laid-back beat reminiscent to something you’d hear from Pete Rock and CL Smooth. The most enjoyable feature about this track, is the fact that Dirty stays on the same topic the entire song. Riding the beat with his relaxed delivery, and several memorable quotes, Dirty K creates a smoker “Curren$y-esque” vibe often interlacing references to ice.

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3MMR: Episode 32 – “Run It Up” by LouieLee

Bird City, let’s get it! Another Wednesday, another review on deck for the people. This week we dive into some new school swag with LouieLee, and his fast-paced joint “Run it up”. This song is an adrenaline rush with Louie talking shit over the course of three and a half minutes. Louie, who comes to us by way of Minnesota, is a recent college graduate (GCU, congrats!) has mastered the “soundcloud” style mixing in some verbal dexterity and cadences of upcoming rappers like Trippie Redd, and Ski Mask The Slump God. The free verse, sporadic delivery is very popular in the genre lately and Louie does it very well. One thing to watch for on this track for is switching rhyme patterns.

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3MMR: EPISODE 29 – “Tempestuous Symphony” by Artificial Christian

Bird City, welcome back and pleased to have you as usual! The dog days of summer are here, and I’m back supplying heat as well.  This week we brought something a little different from the tracks generally showcased on the 3MMR. The selection this week is from a faith based, hip-hop group from Tempe, Artificial Christian (AC) and their upbeat wavy anthem, Tempestuous Symphony .

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